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About Futons

A futon is a Japanese style mattress filled with natural fibres. They have been used in Japan for centuries. The Japanese style futon is traditionally stored away during the day and rolled out on Tatami mats at night. Western culture has embraced the futon and modified it to resemble a western style mattress. In the sixties the futon gained popularity, particularly in the USA. There they were used as an alternative to the more expensive innerspring mattress. Because of the natural products used in manufacture they were quickly embraced.

Because of their flexibility they were fitted to sofa beds and the product (base and futon) were incorrectly called a futon. The term quickly found its way to Australia so that now a “futon” means both a sofa bed and also a mattress.

The traditional futon is filled with natural cotton. Because the Japanese roll their futons once a day, they do not require much maintenance. Western culture sees the futon on a permanent platform which means that maintenance is much more important. This involves regularly rolling the futon and rotating it so that a different part of the futon is regularly used. To overcome this, manufacturers have added a central core of high density foam. This serves to drastically reduce the maintenance requirement.

Recently manufacturers have made futons using different fillings. These include Pocket springs, Latex and the new Hi -Tech Visco elastic (memory foam). All have different qualities and for the best advice contact us and we will answer all questions.